The Program


The Program


The Transformation Program

The Transformation Program is in place to help a woman put the pieces of her life back together. This is accomplished by replacing the lies in her life with the truth that she is valued.

By teaching her positive life skills, she learns to cultivate a relationship
with God and with the people in her life.

The Program consists of specific activities with goals to be accomplished in the following areas:

  • Life skills

  • Employment

  • Physical health

  • Relationships

  • Spiritual growth

The classes, group interaction, transition coach plan and accountability requirements are designed to help women find a relationship with God, themselves and others. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving Christian environment where women can learn to live free of destructive habits, behaviors and relationships while becoming self-supportive. Residents will receive a certificate of completion when they have completed their plan.

Upon Entering the program each resident is assigned a Transition Coach, who is a trained volunteer. Each coach will work with just one woman at a time for the entire year she is in the program. Her coach will meet with her weekly to provide assistance where needed in achieving the goals she has set for herself.

Each woman who chooses to go through the Passages Transformation Program must:

  • Pay a program fee

  • Agree to comply with the house rules

  • Comply with nightly curfew

  • Share in maintaining the household

  • Submit to random drug testing

  • Join in-house Bible studies

  • Participate in weekly Life Skills classes

  • Attend weekly Celebrate Recovery and/or AA or NA meetings

  • Attend a religious service of their choice

Program Duration

The Passages Transformation Program is designed to be completed in 18 months. Passages participants are asked upon applying to commit to a minimum of six months to be completed.  After completion of six months, women may be invited to apply for the full year long program to complete the eighteen months.  

Program Application


Women wishing to apply for participation in the Passages Transformation Program must first complete a pre-application and submit it to Passages for consideration. This pre-application can be obtained through their case manager. The pre-application can be downloaded here: Pre-application form.

After reviewing the program information carefully, if you choose to apply to the program please print the pre-application and mail it in to Passages at P.O. Box 9614, Rapid City, SD 57709. You must then call the Passages office (605.939.0744) or contact us via email (passagesliving@gmail.com) to schedule an interview upon your release. This process can also be handled by your pre-release worker, case manager, probation officer, or attorney.

Once we receive the pre-application we will contact the case manager to arrange for a telephone interview. At that time it will be determined whether the applicant should complete a full application for final consideration.

Acceptance into the program will be dependent upon the application, interview and space availability. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to make sure the staff at Passages is aware of your release date and to make sure arrangements have been made for the interview. Beds will not be held for more than one month but once accepted, you will remain on the wait list until you either gain residency or withdraw your application.


Program Policies

Program Policies

Program Policies

  • All residents are expected to be employed, at a minimum of 30 hours a week after completing the first 30 days of the program.

  • The program fee will begin the first day a resident enters the program. A payment schedule will be set up with the Director as to when the program fee payments are due and what the amount due will be.

  • If at any time a resident is without employment while on the transitional program, she must find employment within 2 weeks or she will be placed back on restrictions. A payment will be when the woman's first paycheck is recieved. Residents that do not pay their program fee on time could be placed on 7:00 pm curfew until her fees are paid, per her Case Manager.

  • Residents will be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol while in the program.

  • All residents are required to attend a church service of their choice each week and turn in a church bulletin and their notes on the sermon they heard.

  • All residents are required to attend AA, NA and/or Celebrate Recovery meetings each week.

  • When a resident leaves the program she must take her belongings with her. Any personal property left behind must be picked up within 7 days from the time she left or it will be recycled (given to others) or disposed of.

  • Residents who leave the program cannot come back for one month from the day they left. Re-admittance will depend on their past performance and will be the decision of their Case Manager and the Director.

  • Residents can be immediately dismissed from the program for:

    • being continuously uncooperative

    • physical fighting

    • breaking curfew

    • positive drug or alcohol test

    • non-compliance with house rules or program policies

    • smoking in the house

    • staying out all night

    • having a weapon, drugs, or alcohol on the premises

    • having sex on the premises

    • allowing unauthorized males on the premises

  • All doctor-prescribed medications must be reported to the Director. Residents are responsible for the safekeeping of their prescribed medications and must not give away any of their medications to another resident. This could result in immediate dismissal from the program for all involved. Absolutely no narcotics are allowed.

  • Residents will be responsible for their visiting children at all times. Residents are responsible to assist their children in understanding and obeying the rules and policies of the house.

  • Residents will have a case management plan and will be expected to follow the goals and conditions therewith.

  • Mandatory classes and/or group and program meetings two nights per week. Classes are designed to assist women to gain and keep employment, manage a household, and to have healthy relationships with God, self, and others.

  • A copy of the house rules will be given to each resident, which she must sign agreeing that understands each rule and agrees to follow those rules. Those residents who do not follow the house rules and procedures will be fined $10 for each infraction. Residents who are having a difficult time fulfilling their responsibilities in the program or are not ding well with personal boundaries will be kept on a 7:00pm curfew or put back on the 7:00pm curfew. If the resident is continually uncooperative they will be
    dismissed from the program.

  • Residents will be required to take a budgeting class and budget all earnings in accordance with their case management plan. Bills, program fee, child support payments, car insurance, etc. will be included in their budget.

  • The curfew time for the first 3 months is 7:00pm. During this time approved escorts may accompany the resident to groups or classes but only with pre-approval from the Case Manager or Director. There will be requirements that must be completed before the 7:00pm curfew is lifted. After 3 months the curfew will be 9:00pm weeknights and 10:30pm weekends unless a special pass is granted. No resident can leave the premises prior to 5:30am without prior approval from their Case Manager or the Director.

  • All residents have mandatory Life Skill and Bible classes.

  • All residents that will be driving or own a car must have proof of car insurance and driver’s license. A copy of both documents must be turned in to the Director before she will be allowed to drive.



Dear Applicant,
Passages is a place where women can begin again by learning to put the pieces of their lives back together. We are glad that you are at a time in your life when you see change as a positive decision.

Please review these program policies carefully. If you choose to apply to our program, call and schedule an interview upon your release or have the pre-release worker, case manager, probation officer, or attorney contact us for an interview in person or by phone at (605) 939-0744.

Before filling out and submitting this Pre-Application for the Passages Program, you must have read the Program Description and Policies document.

If you want to apply, fill out the Pre-Application below with your release worker or print and mail it to us:

P.O. Box 9614
Rapid City, SD 57709
Residency at Passages will be dependent upon the interview and space availability.


Name *
Are you currently incarcerated? *
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