Did You Know?

Up to 90% of women in prison were abused as little girls

Over 70% of women in prison are mothers of minor children

Half of women released from prison will be reincarcerated within three years



Passages Women's Transitional Living

Passages is a faith-based, residential re-entry program to guide and support women as they transition from incarceration or homelessness into positive sustainable life patterns. At Passages, women whose lives were shattered due to drugs, alcohol, or abuse learn to build right relationships with God, themselves, and others. Initiated in 2008, with the first residents housed in 2013, Passages' loving home environment replaces the lies women believe about themselves with the truth that they are valued human beings--providing hope, opportunity, and skills to reach their full potential.


Passages Transformation Program. . .

Passages is a nonprofit group that provides a safe and nurturing environment for women in a faith-based home. Passages is entirely funded through private donations, fundraisers, and grants.


Fiscal Operation

With an annual budget of $154,000 Passages relies on tax-deductible donations of generous community members as well as foundation grants. No federal funds are received, providing independence from government funding which allows Passages to introduce women to God's life-changing power. As a non-profit entity Passages holds an IRS 501 (c)(3) status.

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