Here in the Black Hills

In 2017 alone, 22 women were participated in the passages program. Of those 22 women, 59% were Native American, 36% Caucasian, 5% Asian/Other.

With very few options available to assist in the overwhelming time of re-entry into a responsible lifestyle for these women, Passages is filling a substantial need.

Long term success

In 2017, the average stay in the program increased to 132 days. Our research shows that longer stays at Passages improve the probability of a long lasting successful change in the participants life.

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Reduced cost to taxpayers

Recidivism, or the rate at which women return to prison, at the national level is at 68% and rising, while at Passages we have seen between 20-35% return to prison. This statistic translates to a reduction in state spending on the prison system. 

Passages costs is 1/3 less than incarceration with successful participants becoming self-sufficient, contributing citizens.

Words from the participants

"I have been clean and sober for over 7 months... I'm learning how to work through problems instead of running from them."

"This entire program is like one great big hug for me!"                            

"I chose Passages because it is a Christ-centered program. Here I have been able to maintain structure in my life, set goals, work towards them and reach them. I feel confident in the community and know i have a safe home."